Long Jumps

Long Jumps

Long jump runways are popular athletics facilities which can be installed in a range of surface types and designs for clubs, schools and colleges with use in competitive events and recreational games.

Long Jump Designs

Long Jump Designs

The designs for a long jump facility can vary for each different project with the two main surface types being polymeric rubber and Multisport synthetic turf.

Long Jump Installers

Long Jump Installers

We have completed many projects to install and maintain long jump runway facilities of various sizes with specialist sand landing pits in a range of specifications.

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Long Jump Surfaces

We are Long Jump Surfaces, our expert team have completed many projects to install and maintain long jump runway facilities of various sizes with specialist sand landing pits in a range of specifications. If you'd like more information about the installation of long jump surfaces, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Athletics tracks and long jump surfaces are very popular at schools, universities and sports clubs. It's important to have these surfaces installed to the highest standards so that children are able to improve their skills and take part in a variety of sports.

Long jump runways are the most common surfaces which are used at schools, these facilities can be installed in a range of different designs and area sizes. There are also a number of long jump facility funding opportunities available for schools throughout the UK.


You can find out more information on Long Jump Surfaces by contacting our specialist team via the provided contact form. This will allow you to ask any questions and receive any answers or information you require.

Design Specification for Jumping Tracks

There are a few different design specifications for jumping tracks to choose from when you have the long jump runway facility installed, each surface type has individual qualities which are better suited to different projects.

  • Polymeric Rubber - This material is the most traditional for athletics tracks and long jump surfaces. It's made up of polymeric EPDM rubber crumb which is mixed together with a binder and laid out onto a sub base. The sub-base for a polymeric surface would be made up of a layer of angular stones and a layer of macadam which creates a stable foundation for the long jump runway surfacing.
  • Needlepunch Synthetic Turf - This is a fibre bonded artificial grass material which is woven together and infilled with silica sand to create a durable and hard-wearing surface. The needle punch synthetic turf is popular with primary school jumping tracks and compact facilities as it provides a more comfortable landing surface to prevent injury from trips and falls when young children are using the facility. You can also choose from a number of colour options and rainbow designs with this particular specification which makes the long jump runway even more engaging for kids.
  • Sand Pit - The landing pit area is an important part of the full long-jump facility installation as it provides a safe surface for athletes to land on and gives accurate distance scores once the jump has been completed. Washed and dried silica sand is used in the landing pit and the area size may be altered to meet the requirements of each project. For more information on sand pits for long jumps please click here http://www.longjump.org.uk/sand-pit/ Rubber edgings can also be installed around the perimeter of the sandpit to enhance the safety qualities of the local acility.
  • Each long runway installation project varies in design, area size and budget, and we can help you customise the whole process to make sure you get the best end product for your school or club.

If you're looking to create a versatile and sustainable area for your school, please contact us so we can offer an idea of costs for your project.

Construction of Long Jumps Near Me

The construction of long jumps usually follows a similar process, however, every project varies slightly and no two jobs are exactly the same.

The installation starts with excavating the existing area and preparing the ground, a geotextile membrane is laid out to stop the growth of weeds and contaminations, and then the sub base is put down.

The sub-base for a polymeric long jump runway will include a layer of angular stones and then a layer of macadam. A needle punch runway could have the same sub base system or it could just have the angular stones without the macadam. We will also install a long jump pit which is located at the end of the runway and provides athletes with a save place to land their jump.

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When it comes to installing the jumping track surfacing, this process is different for each of the surface types. The polymeric surfacing is poured out onto the sub base and left to dry, whereas the needle punch synthetic turf will be rolled out, similarly to a carpet, and then secured at the edges. Line markings can be applied to both surface specifications so that the facility and surrounding areas, may be used for both long and triple jump events at different distances.

AAA Sports Organisation

You may come across the AAA Sports Organisation when looking into the athletics sector; the AAA is known as Amateur Athletic Association. It is the original governing body for athletics and was around before UK Athletics. The group continues to exist to stand for the volunteer area of the sport but not to govern. Various academic institutions and also other organisations in Great Britain work together with the Amateur Athletic Association.

This organisation offers open forums, setting up competitions which will help with the development of younger athletes. The AAA has produced these competitions in order to act as development tools for grassroots as well as to help youngsters to develop in the future.

A second duty that is presented to the Amateur Athletic Association is safeguarding the history of the particular sport. Top-level athletes are often rewarded with exceptional and historical medals and trophies by the governing body. Many people closest to you are becoming interested in sports due to the work carried out by this group. To find out more about AAA organisation, please complete the contact form provided.

National Athletic Competitions

The Amateur Athletic Association holds National athletic competitions in order to increase the involvement in children’s sports. Sports products and sponsorships are often financed by the organisation because they give cash to events like the National Championships whenever possible. UK Athletics and British Athletics are the governing authorities to this sport however Amateur Athletic Association stand for the volunteering part.

The AAA creates new track and field standards for various sports activities every year which is then submitted. These kinds of requirements depend on the results of past events and generate four unique grades that the greatest sports athletes get categorised into. The overall performance standards for the sports and athletics events are compiled by databases of information collected through the years and this is revised every two years.

These standards are awarded to children with badges along with certificates. Plaques are also given out by the Amateur Athletic Association, to kids who achieve Grade 1 which improves the number of people who participate in athletics. Small grants or loans are available to young people looking to take up a career in athletics by the AAA Charity for the Young.

Compact Long Jump Surfaces Near Me

Many sports clubs and schools have started to have more cost-effective facilities constructed for sports and athletics. A lot of young people do not get the opportunity to engage in athletics because schools and colleges find it difficult to have high-quality sporting areas like long-jump tracks installed. The reason behind this may often be because of limited space outside or a lack of available funds for the school.

In a number of establishments, compact long jump surfaces and sports facilities are now being developed and built in smaller sizes to match restricted spending budgets and to be more cost-effective. They are also designed to improve the FUNdamental sporting motion skills of run, jump and throw.

In academic institutions these facilities are built to enhance the kids' running, jumping and also throwing, and even multiple activity participation into athletics. Running tracks, jumping run ups as well as discus circles are some favoured facilities that can be fitted. Multi activity areas can be achieved by setting up a single track; this can be used for long-jump, relay races, hurdles and many others.

In both primary and secondary schools that cannot get a full-sized track, this really makes a fantastic alternative which is much less expensive as well as takes up significantly less room. For more details on athletics please click here http://www.longjump.org.uk/athletics/ When someone completely enjoys performing a certain activity such as long-jump or discus, they are able to progress onto professional clubs inside the United Kingdom. There are not many facilities that target people at the beginners level, which makes young children unwilling to take part in athletics.

It is very important for little ones to participate in sports at a young age - KS One and Two - and carry on through KS Three and KS Four. A new sports and athletics model has been produced by UKA, permitting small children to gain access to sports and athletics areas. The newest model could be constructed in vibrant colours to appeal to younger people and is also more cost-effective, meaning it is a fantastic entry-level sports facility for academic institutions.

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Size and Dimensions

Considering that the specification and design of compact facilities could be altered, near enough any club or school can have one put in. A lot of establishments tend to get long jump runways in addition to high-jump fans put in within their compact facility. We're able to adjust the size and dimensions of each construction to fit the available space on site.

The flexible design of compact sports and athletics facilities ensures that they are highly relevant to a variety of situations. To find out about athletic areas please visit this page http://www.longjump.org.uk/area/ For a lot of projects, existing sports and playgrounds could be developed in educational institutions to produce a far more diverse sporting provision. Children of every school key stages can benefit from personal growth when learning additional skills through distinct sporting activities.

More young people may be motivated to participate in the new sporting activities if they have a high quality and attractive facility readily available for them to use. For almost any nearby school looking to reduce costs and stick inside a spending budget, the compact recreational products present an amazing option. In terms of FUNdamental skills of athletics, a lot more kids are capable of learning and practising jogging, jumping plus throwing through a range of activities.


The main target for UKA is to motivate kids and young people to engage with sporting activities together with athletics, which is why these kinds of facilities are extremely essential. This is developed even more by hosting IAAF and IPC World Championships in London in 2017. By enabling young children to utilize the compact facilities, there is a greater chance for sports athletes to improve their abilities and move into professional athletics clubs because of this.

To find out more details about the long jump runway specifications and construction, as well as the funding opportunities available for schools please take a look around the rest of our website or feel free to contact us.


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