Athletics Track Construction in Arden

Athletics Track Construction in Arden

We are specialists in carrying out athletics track construction for schools and clubs in a range of surface types and coloured designs.

Sports Track Installers in Arden

Sports Track Installers in Arden

We can install athletics track surfacing in various designs including polymeric EPDM rubber and Multisport synthetic turf which both provide different playing qualities.

Running Track Specialists in Arden

Running Track Specialists in Arden

Outdoor running track facilities can be installed to meet a range of specifications including multicoloured rainbow designs and bespoke surfaces.

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Athletics Track Construction in Arden

Welcome to Athletics Track Construction, we are specialists in carrying out athletics track construction for schools and clubs in a range of surface types and coloured designs. Do you need an experienced Athletics track construction contractor in Arden? Then you have come to the right place.

We can carry out athletics track resurfacing in Arden G46 8 at a variety of facilities including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. There is a range of specifications to choose from when considering  running track construction as each surface type has individual characteristics which are better suited for different purposes, and elite track activities.

The most common types of surfacing that we use for tracks are needle punch synthetic turf and polymeric EPDM rubber. Both of these surface types can also be used when installing long jump areas http://www.longjump.org.uk/area/glasgow-city/arden/ for the run-up track part of the facility. Feel free to contact us for more info on the construction of the different surface specifications that we use for running tracks. Just fill in our contact box provided.


The athletics track construction process begins by first excavating the ground to the required depth to remove the existing surface so that groundworks can be installed. Once the excavation is complete, a geotextile membrane will be put down to prevent weeds from growing up through the surface and contaminating the track. The construction of a sub base will then begin and we will layout a stone sub-base which is made up of lots of angular stones that fit together to give the surfacing a strong and water absorbing foundation, making it into porous tracks and surface drain system.

The gaps within the stone layer will allow water to pass through easily so that the porous tracks can be used through all weather conditions. A macadam base will then be installed onto the stone to give the facility a smooth foundation so the chosen surfacing may be laid evenly and will be long-lasting and durable.

A recent UK Athletics strategy in Arden is encouraging schools to increase participation in athletics, if your school doesn't have a lot of outdoor space this may be done with local compact facilities. These are comprised of smaller sized features like long jump pits, high jump fans and sprint tracks which can all fit into a smaller area for recreational use.

For more info on long jump runways please click here http://www.longjump.org.uk/runway/glasgow-city/arden/ If you are interested in one of these sustainable and cost-effective facilities closest to you, please speak to one of our experts by filling in the contact form on this page.

Athletics Surfacing Installation Near Me

When we have completed the groundworks and sub base, the athletics surfacing installation in Arden can be carried out for the chosen surface type. Multisport needle punch synthetic carpet is a commonly chosen specification for athletics track construction and primary school facilities. This is because the sand-filled synthetic turf is safe and creates a softer surface for children if they trip while running.

The construction of this running track surface includes rolling out the artificial carpet and glueing it down to the base at the edges and the seams. A range of colour options is available with the needle punch surfacing along with multi-coloured rainbow designs to suit your surrounding areas.

The polymeric EPDM rubber specification is more commonly used at high schools and for construction of professional club facilities as it gives better performance qualities for competitive events. This running track specification is installed by mixing rubber crumb with a specialist binder and then laying it out onto the prepared macadam base.

The mixture is then screeded to leave a smooth finish and left to cure. As professional athletics facility contractors in Arden G46 8 our team have completed works at various educational and sporting organisations. We can supply numerous case studies and examples of these projects if you would like to find out more.

Track and Field Organisation

Amateur Athletic Association is a track and field organisation that is also be labelled as AAA within the industry. Previous to UKA, it was this organisation that was the governing body in control of athletics. AAA continues to exist to represent the volunteer section of the sports activity - not to act as the governing body. The group operates in many institutions throughout the UK including schools, colleges and even sports clubs.

Challenges are arranged by the AAA, along with open forums and other activities to develop youngsters into athletes. The Amateur Athletic Association has created these track and field contests to serve as developmental tools for grass roots along with to let kids improve in the future.

History of Athletics in Arden

The history of athletics has also been guarded with the aid of the AAA. It also offers its historic and valued medals and trophies to top level sports athletes. Lots of people are getting involved in sports due to the Amateur Athletic Association and the events they run. The association holds National Championships to increase participation in young people's athletics.

Equipment and sponsorships can be financed by the Amateur Athletic Association because they contribute money to competitions including the National Championships when possible. Since AAA currently is in charge of the volunteering part of this sport, UK Athletics and British Athletics are now the governing bodies.

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AAA Standards Scheme is a recognition of athletes grading them on times or distances with track and field activities. These standards are determined by the outcomes of past years and create four unique grades which the very best athletes get listed into. Directories of information which have been added to over time are utilized to generate the overall performance requirements criteria.

These kinds of requirements are given to youngsters with badges along with certificates. England Athletics, as well as the Amateur Athletic Association, make an effort to enhance the number of individuals taking part in sports and athletics by offering out plaques and rewards to youngsters accomplishing Grade One. Small grants or loans are available to young people looking to start a career in athletics by the AAA Charity for the Young.

Cost-Efficient Sports Surfaces

A brand new production of affordable and maintainable outdoor athletics track construction which offer a way into club establishments is currently being made. A lot of schools find it difficult to renew their athletics tracks for a variety of sporting activities, which means children cannot take part in these kinds of sporting activities. In most cases, educational institutions in Arden G46 8 cannot afford the process of maintaining tracks or to upgrade the athletics areas or they have not got enough space for the installation.

Compact sports facilities are designed to fit available areas and budgets, as well as deliver practical, inspiring facilities construction at which people of all ages and abilities may better their fitness and confidence. FUNdamental skills are also developed with the help of these compact activities, given that young children may enhance their running, throwing and jumping. You can find out more about the cost-efficient sport surfaces if necessary, just fill in the enquiry form presented on this page.

Best Athletics Track Installers Near Me

Through the athletics track resurfacing of different sports features, kids are capable of getting involved with a variety of activities for a far more varied experience on athletics tracks. Running circuits, running tracks, jumping run ups and even discus circles in Arden are the most preferred facilities that may be installed. Most of the time athletics tracks and a single track surface may be used for multi-use purposes with many other activities like relay games, long jump and bleep tests.

For educational institutions with limited space or money, this construction can be the ideal replacement for a full-sized running track. We believe we offer the best athletic track installation and running track installation services in the UK and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote. If someone thoroughly enjoys performing a particular event just like a triple jump or discus, then they are able to advance to qualified clubs within the United Kingdom. For more information on our running track installation services and maintaining tracks please click here http://www.longjump.org.uk/glasgow-city/arden/ There aren’t a lot of facilities and athletics tracks which target people at entry-level, making young children unwilling to be involved in sports and athletics.

It has been suggested these sports activities need to be made available to youngsters from as young as primary school Key Stage One up to Key Stage 4. A fresh set of criteria has been created by UKA so that athletics areas are more available to young children. The newest design could be installed in vibrant colours to catch the attention of young children which is also more cost-effective, which makes it a fantastic entry level sports facility for nearby schools and colleges.

School Facility Designs Construction

For companies with a limited spending budget and outdoor space, the school's facility designs construction of new compact sports areas creates an ideal solution for training simple FUNdamental skills within a range of sports activities. These can include features including recreational long jump run-ups, small sized high jump fans in Arden G46 8, along with perimeter jogging circuits and running track surfaces.

For every different project, the track installation could be adjusted to fit all the essential requirements for running track surfaces, creating a totally bespoke end result. Compact athletics facilities are flexible, allowing them to be used for a range of organisations. Colleges, universities, primary and also high schools could install these to enhance present sport and play provision. By making it easier for children to join in a range of activities, a lot more skills can be trained and developed for greater growth later on.

Much more children will be inspired to take part in the new sporting events if there is high quality and attractive facility available for them to make use of. In the event a school or college is looking for a much more affordable entry-level product, the compact facilities are perfect for cutting costs should you only need a recreational area. Compact facilities help to introduce the FUNdamentals of sports, therefore children can build on basic skills of movement as well as physical activity.


UKA wants to increase interest in the sport and bringing out accessible facilities for kids is a huge step towards this objective. Considering the IAAF and IPC World Championships are being held in London in 2017, it's expected more children will get involved. The strategic construction of new facilities and athletic tracks is going to be crucial in capturing this demand and supplying feeder pathways into athletics activity in clubs.

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